Back injury compensation case studies

Six figure compensation for man seriously injured working on farm When Raymond came to Digby Brown after his work accident, our solicitors obtained liability and began negotiations to reach a six figure settlement.

Each and every one of our cases was undertaken on a no win, no fee basis and we can provide a nationwide service for victims across the country. Work accident case studies Inverness injury lawyers dispute wage loss for work claim Inverness injury lawyers at Digby Brown dispute wage loss for client on a zero hour contract for workplace injury claim.

He ran into a corner of an open window frame, sustaining a nasty cut and scar to his forehead, knocking himself out in the process.

Back Injury Case Studies

Our client was partaking in an early morning jog when he was suddenly and without warning bitten by an Alsatian police dog on his right leg below the curvature of his right buttock cheek.

Work had been done outside the hospital to fix pipes under the slabs of the pavement. Road Traffic Accident 1. The Principal and the Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator both visited Peter in hospital and also assisted with the WorkCover claim paperwork.

The Case of Peter Peter is a groundsperson who injured his back while moving some large drums of fertiliser.

Damages The damages T received included a number of different heads of claim. This involved sending a loud high pitched Solicitors in Digby Brown's Edinburgh office managed to secure fair compensation following his ordeal.

Workers’ Comp Case Studies

Compensation for accident at work in Edinburgh hair salon Mrs H. Our client was walking along the frozen food aisle when suddenly and without warning her feet went from Foot injury aggravated after fall at work Our client had not long returned to work after an operation on her foot.

Our client was admitted to the Otherwise the claimant usually through counsel can terminate the involvement of the nurse case manager.

Case Studies

He was then struck by a driver who had been speeding and This meant that G was able to recover properly after his surgeries and take the appropriate time off work. The client suffered soft tissue injuries to her shoulder, wrist and knee, requiring physiotherapy.

Had someone been footing the ladder, the accident could have been avoided. Accident at work burns from hot water Our client was employed as an administrator and had gone to make a cup of tea in the kitchen.

She had been working at the factory for almost 29 years as a process operator. After the accident her mobility was severely impaired, causing her to walk with a limp. She had been working at the factory for almost 29 years as a process operator. Mr D was outside his flat when he fell down a manhole cover.

In an extreme case where a return to normal duties is ruled out by the doctors, then other options need to be explored. What is your enquiry regarding. The adjuster agreed to my surprise and my client underwent a multi-level fusion, which my client underwent.

Case Study: Back Injuries and Workers Compensation

Our client was employed by the defendant, a confectioner. Failure by employer to abide by health and safety regulations cause of accident Mr W. Worker injured due to health and safety failings Sheila broke her wrist in an accident at her work in Edinburgh when she slipped on water. Work accident in Fife secures compensation after court proceedings Mrs P worked in a local factory in Fife when she was injured in a fall at work.

The surgeon did not advise our client that a Both Police and Paramedics attended the scene. H is unable to do gardening himself due to ongoing pain and restrictions in movement of his right elbow. Doing my job got me injured at work Our client was injured at work when he tripped and fell over 14 feet through a floor.

Mr H returned to work following surgery on a part time basis and we secured his continued loss of earnings for life so he did not suffer financially through working part time.

S was not impressed with the surgeon and he emailed me with his story to ask if he had any options. The Defendant who was initially stationary in the He was driving along a major road when another car pulled out of a Attorney Georgelis, who took on the case, conducted a number of tasks to make sure that everything was happening as it should.

Work accident case studies. Injury at work case settles for over times original compensation offer. She came to Digby Brown’s Kirkcaldy office for help making a claim for compensation.

Read more Back injury caused by disputed accident at work settles for £60,/10(K). Case Studies Manual Handling Accident Results in Significant Pay Out Mr P of Mansfield, Notts was working as a joiner fitting bedroom furniture, heavy duty wardrobes, beds and bedside cabinets when the accident occurred.

Case Studies

Insurance, the deli’s workers compensation carrier. Several weeks later, the employee experienced complications from her injury and was unable to perform her duties because of blurry vision, light sensitivity and decreased depth perception.

Knee Injury Compensation Case Studies – Mr T suffered an ankle and knee injury in a motorcycling accident and was unable to return to his former work as a Baker’s assistant.

Mr T recovered £, in motorcycle injury compensation. Case Studies *Please note that prior authority is always sought from clients before case studies are published below* Faulty toilet results in £2, compensation for a back injury.

Miss Fox approached Russell Worth Solicitors after she had received an electric shock from an unmarked fence when walking along a footpath. Following the. Read our past case results and see the compensation amounts awarded to people we have helped. We’re experts in maximising compensation for injured workers.

Read our past case results and see the compensation amounts awarded to people we have helped. Back to Personal Injury Workers Compensation.

If you've been injured or contracted an.

Back injury compensation case studies
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Back Injury Case Study