Continental lite airline case study

However, no relationship or contract can be viewed as static in an environment where changes occur as quickly as they do in our industry and our company. It is due to the facilities and equipment of the aircraft itself.

Continental Lite tried to copy the position of frequent and low cost flights. The services provided by Southwest Airline should be improve and keep on upgrade time by time to make it very perfect compare to Shuttle By United.

And the most targeted plan is Page 8 Case Study: Its service for the Oakland-Ontario, California market would be discontinued effective April 2, Southwest Airlines Conclusion Marketing strategy and a tip-top services are very crucial in airlines industry because it will show us how competitive they are.

Southwest Airline will recovers their part again. But, it also can be ignore because when passengers are loyal towards Shuttle By United they will continue as usual although the fare is increase.

This created a key issue for Continental moving forward. Graduate School of Business, Stanford University. Marketing staffers now report directly to Mr. For example, Southwest Airline shows a good reputation and become the first place in three categories that are on time performance, baggage handling and customer satisfaction.

First impressions of people were the price itself and then they will look for other aspects.

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The strategy used by them was quite wise in order to avoid any duplication. By removing the cameras, they now could feel as if they are each a trusted employee and could perform their job without feeling as if they are be Firstly, Southwest Airline can increase the fare of competing routes too.

So solid, the competitors have attempted to replicate their structure.


This created issues of knowledge turnover, and inconsistency. These concepts were to be implemented throughout the organization in unison. Evaluate the Decision and the Decision Process After deciding the alternatives and develop the plans to implement it, we can evaluate the decision.

Continental apparently is considering keeping the Lite concept for its nine shuttle markets in Texas and the East Coast where the no-frills service is strongest.

Management and crews apply team work and customer service. In return for their investments, the CAB allowed airlines to earn a reasonable rate for them to increase their routinely passed along to passengers.

All staff are trained to perform all of the tasks needed to turnaround the plane; for example, pilots will help to clean the toilets and take out the rubbish.

By combining the low cost service with its regular services continental would be able to bring more economies in the operation of the low cost airline.

What might be the profit impact towards United and Southwest Airline. More Essay Examples on Management Rubric Continental Airways is the fifth largest airlines in the World, along with it subsidiaries operating more than departures in a day throughout the United States, Europe and Asia - Continental Airlines — Case Study introduction.

Southwest Airlines Continental Airlines Continental Lite On OctoberContinental Lite was established in order to implement the concept of the airline within an airline. It focused on Continental routes in the eastern and southeastern United States.

Continental Lite tried to copy the position of frequent and low cost flights. In South West, all of the staff are part of a team that together ensure the plane is cleaned and replenished in 15 minutes.

Financial Crisis The nature of industry in this case study is about the U. Southwest airlines may want to consider opening their family hug a little wider, replicating the successful internal systems that are established between employees and executives, and employees and employees and taking it up a notch with their customers.

South West had a clear position, 'frequent, low cost and fun' and succeeded; Continental tried to have full service flights as well as frequent and low cost flights, and failed. However, they maintained interline baggage transfers, seat assignments and travel agents.

Continental Airlines Case Study

To increase the interest and awareness of the passengers, Southwest Airline also plays a crucial role to do some reform. Due to this contract, Continental had significantly downsized their own Information Technology Department from several thousand to about 25, providing for an effective cost savings benefit.

Also Southwest accomplishes this with great efficiency; they use fewer people at gate and a smaller ground crew. That is part of the Southwest culture.

Feb 17,  · Case Study Southwest Airlines: In Southwest was faced with a threat to its’ competitive position when United and Continental launched an airline-with-in-an airline option modeled after Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Airlines Case Study: Using Human Resources for Competitive Advantage

Continental Lite would concentrate on short-haul, low-fare flights at a cost structure that came in even lower than. Ferguson had championed the disappointing Continental Lite effort which was the airline's short- haul, economy product designed to compete with lower price competitors such as Southwest Airlines.

Bethune became Chairman of the Board in October This case was prepared as a Continental Airlines: Outsourcing IT to Support Business Transformation As the Texas sun began to set, Janet Wejman, the Chief Information Officer for Continental Ferguson had championed the disappointing Continental Lite effort which was the airline's short.

Southwest Airlines Case Study in Essay. Words Mar 26th, 85 Pages. Instructor Case: Southwest Airline case study Words | 10 Pages A main topic of discussion was the competitions between Southwest airlines and "Continental Lite" and "Shuttle By United".

As they were beginning the meeting a staff member advised the.

Continental Airlines – Case Study

Access to case studies expires six months after purchase date. Publication Date: January 23, A $ million loss for the final months of fiscal year signaled Continental might go bankrupt. Page 2 Case Study: Southwest Airlines Continental Airlines (Continental Lite) On OctoberContinental Lite was established in order to implement the concept of the airline within an airline.

It focused on Continental routes in .

Continental lite airline case study
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